Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The organizational challenges of transitioning to digital are enormous. In 2017, companies will spend $1.2 trillion on digital transformation technology alone, but with mixed results, because human capital has not been aligned to drive change and create a digitally sustainable enterprise.

While 96% of organizations see digital transformation as critical or important, about 75% of organizations are "not very confident" in their ability to execute it, and 84% of executives believe that their organizations do not have the skills and capabilities to deliver on its digital ambition.

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"Going digital" can involve tremendous complexity, but what organizations seek to achieve is actually quite simple. We see organizations on four kinds of digital journeys:

  • Fundamentally changing the business model.
  • Evolving the product, services, or solutions portfolio.
  • Redefining the customer experience.
  • Working more efficiently and effectively.

Where do organizations encounter challenges on these journeys? Over and over, people are the roadblock. Leadership can be misaligned and reticent to drive change. The culture fails to foster the necessary collaboration, empowerment, and flexibility to make transformation possible, with over two-thirds (63%) of executives believing their digital transformation efforts are stalled because of difficulties "changing company culture to be agile." Talent may be lacking in key areas or poorly deployed. And the organization may struggle in utilizing big data and adapting to automated processes.


    In order to navigate, understand and seize the opportunities of the fast and ever evolving digital landscape, organizations need to think, shape and align themselves differently. They need to be comfortable with a constant state of change and equipped to adapt to it. Korn Ferry calls organizations who achieve this ‘digitally sustainable’.

    We can help you to achieve your digital vision with the following services:

    • Digital talent heatmap: Deploying our proprietary Digital Leader Profile to provide data-driven, "heatmap" assessments to help you to understand whether you have the talent and leadership to compete in the digital era.
    • Workforce of the future: Examining how the digital journey changes the nature of jobs and help optimize your workforce for a vastly changed world.
    • Agile structures for a digital organization: Determining the optimal organizational structure for the digital era – specifically, the right middle point between the highly structured matrix organization of today and the fluid, agile, networked, and platform-driven organization of tomorrow.
    • Digital sustainability capabilities assessment and action plan: Assessing your overall capabilities to operate sustainably in the digital era using our proprietary Digital Sustainability Index tool.
    • Digital leadership academy: Creating a rapid mindset change among leaders and setting them on their way for the digital journey.
    • Digital culture interventions: Ensuring that your organizational culture supports your digital journey and helping you to attract and retain the people you need to be successful.
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