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Human capital is the greatest asset organizations have. Decisions about people should be as carefully thought out as any financial or operations strategy. This is especially true for your leadership succession process, where everyone—from the board of directors to news media—is looking closely at the decisions you make.

We enable organizations to successfully execute business strategy by providing them with a clearer understanding of their talent and talent needs at all levels, and the critical attributes needed for success. Our leadership assessment and succession solutions help organizations ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

  • Stakeholders are right to look closely at an organization’s succession processes, as well as the diversity and depth of the leadership talent pool. Our research shows that only 50% of executives think their organization has accurately pinpointed its future leaders. And fewer than 1 in 4 companies believe they have a ‘ready now’ talent pipeline.

    With 70 years of talent planning practice, Korn Ferry Hay Group can help you invest more strategically in your human capital, by providing you with a comprehensive analysis of your talent pool—and options for closing any gaps that are revealed.

    Our scientific approach to leadership assessment offers deep insights on individuals, and our robust Talent Review methods lay bare any leadership shortfalls. We also analyze exactly which competencies, traits, drivers, and experiences you need. And by tapping into our vast talent database, we can isolate vital attributes by industry, business function, and job level, or even by business challenge, strategy, or geographic market.

  • Clients turn to us for help with their assessment and succession processes — and all the components that feed into them — for many reasons. Our assessment and succession solutions help organizations:

    • Practice good governance, which demands robust succession plans.
    • Understand and build leadership bench strength.
    • Minimize risk of internal promotions and external hires.
    • Implement new strategies or react to major industry shifts.
    • Make decisions on available talent after a merger or acquisition.
    • Address needs for future skillsets and experiences.
    • Harness the full potential of their employees.

    Our solutions are proven to work.

    • Leaders who closely fit the traits and drivers in target success profiles are up to 13 times more likely to be highly engaged in their jobs.
    • Clients that use Korn Ferry Hay Group for CEO succession promote internal candidates to CEO twice as often as the Fortune 500 average.
    • Korn Ferry Hay Group has been advising boards and CEOs on succession processes for 70 years, using our proven approaches and tools.
    • We work as talent developers and as executive recruiters — so we’re objective when we make recommendations on your succession needs.
    • Our insights on talent are drawn from data from 4.9 million assessments, including the industry’s largest set of assessment data from executives.
    • We leverage our global competency framework, the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™, which is based on 60 years of research. It provides a common language of talent and maps to actionable development plans.
    • Our best-in-class assessments cover every stage of talent, from accurately predicting leadership potential to testing immediate readiness with business simulations.
    • We’ve conducted global research into the state of succession planning at organizations and understand all the facets of this crucial issue.



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