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Effective leadership development engages your people, unlocks their potential, and accelerates organizational performance. Yet, 55% judge the ROI of their current leadership development as fair to very poor, and less than 20% are confident they have the leaders they need to deliver on strategic priorities.

We deliver leadership development programs that are precisely targeted by industry, strategy and leadership level to help our clients build a pipeline of agile leaders that can implement their strategy now and in the future.

  • We use a range of approaches from interactive, short burst eLearning modules to year-long learning programs, to develop people at every stage of the leadership journey from first time manager to CEO.

    Our programs are tailored to build the right capabilities to deliver on a specific strategy in a specific context. Here are just a few of the leadership capabilities we can build, and the leadership challenges we can address:

    • Making sound trade-offs between cost and growth, short-term and long-term.
    • Making innovation a common practice across all parts of the organization.
    • Accelerating a customer-centric mind set and market focus.
    • Driving out complexity and building an agile, simple, and responsive organization.
    • Building and leveraging diverse teams that generate good ideas prolifically.
    • Collaborating across organizational or geographic boundaries to enhance speed and agility.
    • Inspiring employee engagement and commitment for improved performance.
  • Leadership development is not development until behavior changes. We adhere to three principles in all our leadership development work with clients to ensure that change happens at the individual, team and organization level.

    • Insight is the first step. Leaders must understand themselves deeply before meaningful sustained change can occur.
    • Context matters.You can’t develop much in a vacuum. Personal change only gets real when contextualized and practiced in the real world.
    • It’s about delivering an organizational outcome. Our programs have a dramatic and positive impact on the individual participants, but we never lose sight of the fact that we are there to help them deliver on the organization’s strategy.
    • Expertise –We are one of the largest leadership development organizations in the world today, with 700 experts working exclusively on building agile and transformational leadership capabilities to drive market success.
    • Relevance – All our leadership development programs are built around real-world business challenges, and equip participants with skills and insights that can rapidly be deployed on the job. 91% of participants say they are using what they learn within six weeks, and bosses report seeing a 35% jump in performance when surveyed eight weeks later.
    • Science– Our solutions are built on leadership data from 4.9 million assessments, engagement data on 6.8 million professionals, and reward data on 20 million employees.


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