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Organizational Benchmarking

It’s one thing to know that your pay is competitive compared to the market. It’s another to understand how and where you distribute that pay compared to your peers.

Organizational benchmarking will tell you how many people you have overall, in each location and function and at every job level. And it’ll compare that against similar organizations – so you can see where your structure is different.

Our analysis will show you where your organization is fatter or leaner than the competition. It’ll also show you what proportion of people you have at different job levels, and how that compares to other organizations in our industry. So you can make more informed decisions about how you allocate your budget.

The same world-class data, different insights

We analyze data from our world-leading pay database, Pay Hub, to benchmark your organization.

That’s because we know the size in Hay points of every job in the database. So we can help you to answer questions like:

  • Are we top-heavy compared to other companies in our sector?
  • Do we spend more or less on the teams that are vital to our success?
  • How do the sizes of our corporate functions compare?

The insights you gain won’t necessarily mean that you decide to bring your structure in line with your competitors’. But you may opt to have a bigger team in one of your locations, so you can compete better in that market. Or to have fewer people in a particular function, but at a higher job level – because it’s more productive.

Whatever your decision, you’ll base it on a full picture of pay in your organization.

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