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Pay Benchmarking

Every time you hire or promote someone, you have to decide what to pay them. But how do you know when that amount is too low, too high or just right?

At Korn Ferry, we have the world’s largest database on pay. But because we also collect data on job size, we can tell you what the market pays for jobs at every Hay reference level. So you can find out exactly what to pay each person in your organization.

Great data + sound science = market-leading tools

It’s not just the volume of data in Pay Hub that’s world-class. It’s the quality of that data – and what we do with it.

    • We collect all the data ourselves, from our own clients
    • So we know that every point is real.

    • We take our raw data and put it into context for you
    • We might look at what’s happening in your local market, for example.

    • We present our insights in a clear and compelling way
    • So your leaders can see what’s important – quickly and easily.


    Finally, we transform this data into self-service tools you can use to help your people – and your business – to perform better. So you can make more of an impact.


    Giving you the answers you need – fast

    Subscribing to Pay Hub gives you access to all our data and tools, as well as to on-the-ground support from a local account manager.

    This means you’ll have a complete picture of pay in your organization and the market. And you’ll have it much more quickly than if you had to do the analysis (and generate the insights) yourself. So you’ll be free to focus on contributing to your business strategy.

    We’re always looking for ways for you to get even more from our data, too. That’s why Pay Hub now includes some new functions.

    You can analyze how you pay women compared to men, for example. Or you can see how responding to global pay trends would affect your costs and position in the market. And because you can ask as many queries as you like, the only limit is your curiosity.

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