Improve the perception of pay,

not just the reality

Rewards Diagnostic

You can pay your people as well as you like. But unless you understand how they perceive what you give them, you risk focusing on the wrong things.

That’s because many factors feed into how people perceive reward in your organization. You might pay at the top of the market, for example, but have a bonus program that people don’t think is fair. Or perhaps your people would value flexible working more highly than a 2% salary increase.

Get the fuller picture

Our Total Reward Diagnostic is a short survey that answers these important questions:

    • How do your people perceive reward?
    • Do they think it’s fair and competitive? How would they change it?

    • Are they clear on what they get and why?
    • And do they understand how this reflects the wider business strategy?

    • Are you focusing on the things that matter?
    • Which benefits and non-financial rewards do your people value most?


  • Once we have the results, we can compare them against your pay benchmarking analysis. This will reveal where the reality and the perception of pay are best and worst across your organization.

    Help people to see pay differently

    If your results reveal areas where both the reality and the perception of pay are poor, it might be worth trying to fix the reality. (For example, you pay your engineers below the market rate, and they aren’t happy about it.)

    But often, it’s the perception that’s the problem. And that can be cheaper to fix.

    • Problem: People aren’t clear on why you pay the way you do
    • Solution: Run an internal campaign to communicate the rationale for your reward strategy and how it reflects your organization’s values and objectives.

    • Problem: The pay’s okay but the perception’s poor
    • Solution: Benchmark that group’s pay against the market and communicate the results, along with the other benefits of working for your organization.

    • Problem: The pay’s okay, but you aren’t focusing it on the right things
    • Solution: Swap something that costs money, but your people don’t value, for something that’s low cost to you and high value to them.


  • If you want to give this analysis extra punch, run an employee effectiveness survey. That way, we can map the results on to what we know about the reality and the perception of pay. And can we use this complete picture to help you get more from your biggest investment.

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