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Talent Assessment
Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment

We know we perform better when we’re motivated, involved and clear about the job we need to do. We also know we perform better when we feel that what we’re doing will have a positive impact on the organization or others.

In these circumstances, it’s easier to go the extra mile. But what makes us feel and act this way?

A leader’s behavior is the biggest factor in creating the right climate for their team. And a positive climate leads to better performance. So if you can help your leaders improve that climate, you’ll also improve the way your business performs.

A different style for different situations

Our research shows that the world’s top leaders draw on a repertoire of six leadership styles. And they use different ones for different situations, challenges and people.

Korn Ferry’s Leadership Styles and Climate consists of two 180-degree online assessment tools. Together, they give you a picture of the leadership styles your leaders use, and a revealing view of the impact this has on their teams.

We’ve based this unique product on respected academic research, decades of experience with leaders and organizations across the world and our data on hundreds of thousands of managers. Put simply, it’s the world’s best leadership assessment.

Leadership Styles and Climate allows you to:

  • Gauge the impact your leaders have on their teams’ motivationThen help them to create climates that bring out the best in their team members.
  • Develop them through one-to-one feedback and group exercises So they understand and use the six styles of leadership that will make them more effective.
  • Boost the financial performance of your organizationBy helping your leaders to appreciate how their actions contribute to performance.

If you’d like to deliver feedback to your leaders in house, our two-day accreditation program will give you everything you need. (Get in touch to find out who’s eligible to take part.) And after you’ve finished, you’ll have our full support to make sure you can apply the concepts in your organization.

We’ve also developed interactive e-learning modules, which explain what leadership styles and climate are all about and why they matter. There’s even an engaging app to help managers put what they’ve learnt into practice, and make development progress when or where it suits them.

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