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Project recruitment'
Project recruitment'

Project Recruitment

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Whether it’s a technical revolution, expansion into new markets, a strategic merger or acquisition, or the launch of a game-changing new product, an organization needs the right people in the right place to succeed.

Futurestep’s project recruitment solution focuses not on a single hire, nor on filling high-volume roles, but instead the area in between. Perhaps there is a need for ten account directors, 35 sales representatives, or 15 product managers. It may be urgent to build out a cybersecurity team, grow the supply chain function, or boost marketing resources. Significant in scope with a defined delivery period, that may coincide, for instance, with a corporate relocation or the graduate hiring season, project recruitment addresses a specific talent acquisition need at a certain point in time.

Our solution offers clients a streamlined talent acquisition process for multiple roles in various functions, levels and geographies. Economies of scale deliver cost savings to the business, but the ability to leverage consultant experience and expertise across industries and functions as well as best-in-class recruitment tools and technologies means neither the candidate experience or quality of hire will suffer.


The overview handouts below provide greater context around Futurestep’s project recruitment solution. For more information about your particular business challenge, please reach out to one of our consultants.

Talent acquisition: Build a better team

We work closely with the organization’s talent acquisition function to develop a recruitment strategy that’s tailored to meet the needs of the business and designed to complement its culture. Our teams rely on pro-active targeted sourcing, taking a direct approach with suitable candidates, and employing high-touch, in-depth candidate assessment and selection to deliver top talent in good time, without compromising quality or efficiency.

Our time-tested and consultative recruitment process is infused with the insights, tools, and methodologies of our parent company Korn Ferry, honed and validated through years of investment and research. We focus on consumer, financial services, healthcare, industrial, life sciences, and technology industries and functional roles in finance and accounting, human resources, information technology, non-profit and education, sales and marketing, and supply chain management. Each industry practice and functional center of expertise is seamlessly integrated with its Korn Ferry Executive Search counterpart, ensuring a broad view of top talent within in the market.

With expertise and experience across industries and functions, as well as an unparalleled global footprint with 108 offices in 56 countries around the world, we can deliver on hiring needs across the business. With dedicated support resources, and the ability to leverage further support from one of our eight Talent Delivery Centers, we have the ability to react quickly to changes in the scope and volume of hiring.

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