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Strategy Execution

The dramatic changes taking place in today’s economy offer huge opportunities for organizations to grow. But aggressive strategic growth comes with an equally significant set of challenges around strategy execution, not least the need to build new kinds of businesses that will potentially have different customers, different delivery methods, different sales channels and different economic models than your organization has experienced before.

At Korn Ferry Hay Group, we have the tools, knowledge and expertise to provide truly end-to-end support to help you with your strategy implementation and strategy execution. We will help you understand the kind of business you are trying to build and provide you with expert advice on how to build it. We can also help set your new business on a path to success, whether it’s by shaping the right culture, designing the right jobs, or recruiting the right people for senior roles.

  • There are many reasons why clients turn to Korn Ferry Hay Group to help them with their strategy execution. Typical business challenges we support organizations with include:

    • Guiding the business successfully through globalization.
    • Transforming the organization to become more agile, customer-centered, or innovative.
    • Managing the supply chain more effectively.
    • Getting the full value from a merger or acquisition.
    • Managing the impact of digital technology on the organization, including helping to develop new data-based businesses.
    • Growing a business while staying close to its founding principles.

    When faced with challenges like these, many companies are tempted to fall back on what they consider to be proven approaches, for example by taking existing operating models and applying them to their new businesses.

    In this, they risk making a fundamental error: just because an approach has been successful in the past does not mean that it will be successful in the future. In fact, the rate of change in today’s economies – and, in particular, the changing nature of digital technology – means that yesterday’s operating models are likely to be ill-matched to the markets, customers, and sales channels of today.

    What we are able to do, at Korn Ferry Hay Group, is to bring clarification to your strategic challenges, and to help you understand, at the deepest level, what drives change in your organization. Our precise approach enables you to make a deliberate set of choices about how to design an operating model that is appropriate for the kind of business you want to create.

    We can then support you to implement our advice, so that you can release the full power and potential of your people behind your business goals.

    • We translate business objectives into talent and workforce demands, so you can anticipate what it will take to execute any strategy.
    • We crafted the world’s most widely used job evaluation methodology, and our powerful scenario-planning software projects future workforce needs with detail and accuracy.
    • We have global scale and local market knowledge. With 150 offices in 52 countries, our experts are wherever you need them.
    • We own the most comprehensive data on people in the world. We understand exactly which capabilities it takes to succeed in different roles.
    • We understand HR. We conduct ongoing research into the challenges facing HR professionals and offer solutions that can fill any gaps, such as recruitment, reward and benefits, leadership development, engagement, and more.
    • We dig deep. We unearth the true barriers to strategic success and deal with them at an organization and individual level. Partnering with us leaves you stronger, enabled and ready to execute your strategy.

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